MissyZ’s 1st Episode of Big Brother Babble

missyz 1st episode big brother babble

Today MissyZ is premiering her fabulous new video blog show called “Big Brother Babble”. Every week she will discuss new happenings in the big brother house and the SuperFan community. Her first episode of Big Brother Babble is all about answering your Big Brother 15 questions and here they are:
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  • What about this seasons Live Feeds
  • Will there be an early bird special
  • How much will the Live Feeds cost
  • Will the Live Feeds be similar to Big Brother Canada
  • Where you can purchase the Live Feeds


Then she goes on to her “Fact or Rumor” segment! Big Brother SuperFans want and need to know about the new season. They are desperately searching twitter and facebook for any little tidbit of information. The problem is that there are real facts mixed in with some crazy rumors. Which is which? Well Missy is here to set it all straight… here is a list of what we are hearing:
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    • Big Brother 15 will be 100 days long
    • Big Brother 15 now airs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    • Big Brother After Dark air is no longer on Showtime but now on TVGN
    • The Cast is ALL NEW
    • Some of the new cast are from Survivor and The Amazing Race
    • This season will be a season of Ex’s
    • Big Brother house has been expanded

She continues on to tell you about Media Day, if Julie will be spending a day in the house and when the house & houseguest reveal may happen. She end the episode with two very special announcements. First, next week she plans a new “Fan Shout-outs” segment where she will read a few of her favorite tweets and facebook comments and lastly, well… you are going to have to watch the video to find out! 😉