Monte Exit Interview

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Big Brother Group’s very own Superfan Missy Z is interviewing the evicted OTT houseguests each week but unfortunately this weeks audio of the interview got deleted, so there is no audio for you to hear for yourselves.  But the good news is, I have the gist of what he said, so here goes…

1. If you could do it all over again, would you take a less aggressive approach in your first week in the house?  His answer was yes, he would be less aggressive in week 1 and says that being HOH week one is not that easy.

2. Do you regret not taking Jason’s suggestion to weaponize him instead of targeting him?  His answer was yes, because Jason had the fans behind him plus Jason was a vet and had played the game before so he should have taken that opportunity.

3. What is one positive thing you gained from your experience in the house and would you do it again?  His answer was that he at least got the chance to play that so many want to and don’t get the opportunity that he did.

4. Do you blame yourself or blame America for being evicted and what could you have done differently?  His answer was that he doesn’t blame America and takes full responsibility for  being evicted.

5. Who has the best chance to go to the end? His answer was Neeley or Morgan if not Jason.

6. You feel you were portrayed in a negative way and your comments were taken out of context, so how were we supposed to take comments like Bayou trash?  He answered that he used the wrong choice of words, but he did not like Justin talking about using and disrespecting women because he has two sisters, so it rubbed him the wrong way.

7. You said you were not judgmental, yet you used words like “Barbie and “linebacker” comparing the other girls to Krissie?  He answered that he owes Krissie an apology and thinks that she is a great girl inside and out and that they relate on a music level.

8. Do you really enjoy running over squirrels?  (the commentator was speaking over Monte during this answer telling Missy that time was up and to wrap up the interview, so she got no audible answer that she could make out.  However, I do know that they hunt them and eat them where Monte is from, so I would say they do it for sport, but that’s completely coming from my own assumption)

The only other thing that was asked was where his fans can find him on social media? (Yes, he has fans) To which he answered that he is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (sorry I couldn’t located his snapchat).

Facebook – TwitterInstagram


My thoughts on Monte… As with Cornbread, I think this guy got a bad rap!  I think he is actually a pretty good guy, but with that being said, coming in the house right after Paulie, America was in no way ready for another really arrogant man in the house.  And yes, it annoyed me too that he always talked over everyone and nobody could hardly get a word in with him, but he was playing the game and if he had teamed up with Jason and Shane hadn’t of bailed on him, I think he could of done a bit better.  But then again, with these mean and cold-hearted fans lately, maybe not!  You guys are brutal and America was in fact the deciding vote so you got what you wanted!  But I am so ready for things to get mixed up a bit and not be so one side or the other as I love hg’s on both sides and don’t like hg’s on both sides.  So, my hope is for alliances to change and new ones to form and I hope very soon!

Till next time,