Neeley Exit Interview

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This week our very own Joe from Big Brother Group got to interview Neeley and asked some of your questions from our Superfan Facebook group, so click the link and have a listen…


My take on Neeley is that she was a casualty of America only because of Krissie.  I think a majority of the fans want Krissie gone and Neeley was basically the next best thing.  I like Neeley and liked that she interacted with the other side of the house more than the rest of the LNC have.  And because of it, I know at least Morgan truly didn’t want to vote her out, but she knew it was best for her game, so she did anyway.  I must say that even though I really liked her, I was very disappointed in her behavior the day of her eviction toward Scott as well as her eviction speech. I don’t think she needed to lower herself to that level and thought that she was more dignified than that.  Danielle tried to railroad Scott back when Monte was there and the Scott hate snowballed from there to the point of Danielle, Krissie, and Jason getting Neeley all riled up over things that were not even true.  So, I wonder when she finds out the truth, how she will feel about her actions? Because up until her last day, she handled herself with the utmost dignity and I appreciated her game as she did have a good social game going for sure, but her behavior just before leaving made it easier for me to see her go.


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