No More FOUR

FINALLY…………….Something to write about, little Natalie went home tonight and publicly told James he was/is her soul mate and on the way out the door said “I Love You”.  She was very nice to everyone so the “I Love You” comment could have, I suppose have been directed towards everyone….I want to think she meant it towards James only because I’d hate to see him get hurt again.



I would have written much earlier, but at this stage of the game with so few people trying to find some relevant to talk about when all the other groups have already put spoiler’s out, is literally like watching paint dry.  I mean, imagine watching the feeds waiting for something, ANYTHING worth reporting to happen!!   Same game talk, just a different room….I did, however witness Nicole beat Corey 9 out of 11 games in dominoes a few nights ago…woo wee that’s awesome news to tell ya’s about, eh? lol

The HOH competition was one of my favorites….The Slip & Slide!!!!!  My very favorite competition of all time was the bunny hop with the final 3 where they stood on a tree stump and had to jump over a rotating bunny on a rod While they were required to hold on to their key located above their head, and to add even more to endure was Rain!!  That competition took over 9 hours and I guess Big Brother found out just how harmful hypothermia can be, thus the reason why they don’t take those kinds of chances anymore.  Hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since they’ve done one that intense.  Anywho, the HOH winner is Corey and that makes me happy because at least now, James has a shot since Corey and Nicole KNOW that if Paul or the comp beast Victor would win this game if they make it to final two. Watching this competition was quite comical, I knew right away Corey would win because he took the ski approach and had good balance.  Paul & James literally had to crawl back up to their barrel’s of butter, Paul took it a step further and slid down on his hiney.  Nicole was determined and also did well but just not well enough, she went for the smaller bowl to get the bigger dipper but had trouble getting the ball out thereby losing precious time.  The whole competition took just at about an hour and a half and they are ALL hurting (especially Paul).  Then they showered, ate and sat around as usual waiting for the HOH reveal…

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Corey’s HOH reveal was a nice one, but again with only 5 people it didn’t take long to look at photo’s, check out the winner’s basket and listen to Corey read his letter from his sister.  Currently, Corey & Nicole are strategizing about who to put on the block.  Corey has his mind made up to put Paul and Victor on the block, but Nicole is “skeeeered”….she wants one of Corey’s beers before noms, lol

2016-09-09_0109 2016-09-09_0110 2016-09-09_0114


Paul just came upstairs and offered himself as a “Pawn” again….but, sadly I don’t think it’s going to work out that way this time.  James is in the Diary Room and I hope he makes it upstairs before he goes to bed.  Nicole thinks Nominations will be early tomorrow so….time will tell.  I will leave it here although Paul and Victor are now discussing whether or not James will get in his ear….I think Paul is going to try to convince Victor to up as a Pawn. lol

Talk Soon ((assuming there’s something worth talking about in 12 days))