After last weeks double eviction, “things” began to get a little strange.  As everyone is aware by now, Victor won the 2nd HOH and he put up Paulie & Corey (much to their surprise).  Personally, I think Victor made the best move possible considering the amount of people left in the house.  Paul suggested to him, “If we don’t take a swing at him now, we might not get another chance”.  Paulie was so hot about it, you could almost see the steam come out his ears and has been pouting and trying HARD to get everyone back on his side.  I’m not going to lie, I did smile a little bit seeing him CRY in the Diary Room.  He went from Mafia Boss to a toddler in a matter of minutes, lol ~ He’s even come up with some idiotic story about being claustrophobic and if he’s evicted, he’ll just leave.  Whaaaaat?  The house they’re in is much smaller than the one the jury members are staying in.  Corey, on the other hand is calm, cool and collected.  On Friday, Nicole was given the America’s Care Package which contained Super Safety for the week, however…she has to wear a super safety suit all week too.  Saturday’s POV Competition was a crap shoot involving prizes and punishments.  Of course, Victor won that too and didn’t use it….surprised?


When the feeds returned from the POV Competition, one by one people were called to the diary room to find out how their punishment worked….Corey was first up,  He came out looking like Uncle Sam (no beard) but wearing a red, white & blue American Flag Unitard and Cape, AND….he has to wear an eagle puppet on one hand and a triangular tube on the other hand every waking hour except while he’s eating or showering, but must keep the unitard on at all times.  He tried to get away with not wearing the triangular tube in the shower but he was promptly called out.

Paulie was supposed to be next, but he’s still too busy being salty to comply, so the Diary Room called Paul in next…..OMG!!!  He is Hillarious, his costume is that of a Secret Service Agent.  He actually looks quite handsome in his black suit.  His duties are whenever he hears “CODE RED, SECURITY BREACH IN THE HOUSE”, he must immediately pat down every houseguest, and then go to a Presidential Seal strategically placed through out the house as check points.  There are five check points, he has to go upstairs in front of the HOH room, talk to his wrist and say Sector 1 – Clear, next one is located in the Have Not room where again says Sector 2 – Clear, from there he goes to the bathroom and declares that area clear, then to the entrance doorway and declares that Sector clear, then back upstairs to the sky bridge and clears that Sector.  He has to wear the suit all week and after moving and/or running quickly through the house trying to catch those people (who have no sympathy, btw), he complains how hot he is.


FINALLY, Paulie gave in and went to receive his punishment which was simply wearing a Baker’s outfit and had to bake an apple pie whenever he hear’s the Zing Bots voice singing “Ohhh, say can you Zing”.  He was able to make one, which didn’t turn out to be so bad, but when he decided to go for a run and the ZingBot started singing…he got mad and yelled “Can’t a guy work out” and kept running.  Shortly after, he was called to the DR and feeds went to fish.  When the feeds came back on he was back outside running and said “I didn’t get in trouble, but….” and the feeds switched to another room.  Since then, he’s been a better sport about it, but he’s still moping and pouting.  I’m actually a little disappointed in his behavior, I never thought he would act like a poor sport considering his brother never did.

2016-08-16_0039 2016-08-14_2128 2016-08-16_0016_002 2016-08-14_2130

So, earlier in this post I mentioned Paulie now claims he’s claustrophobic and doesn’t think he can stay in the jury house for 5 weeks, but can do 4.  He’s pitched this idea to Victor as a way to stay to help him “cope” with the inevitable.  He even went so far as to crash Natalie, James & Paul’s room to sleep with Paul because all of a sudden he can’t sleep because of his phobia.  Yeah right,  he just didn’t want them to be able to talk about him.  He’s also tried talking to Natalie and James pitching the same bull s**t and they’re not buying it either.  I think he’s finally come to terms that he is indeed leaving this week because now he’s coaching Corey and Nicole and telling them to hook up with Natalie and James to get Victor or Paul out if Corey or Nicole wins HOH.  He’s also helping them study and gave Derrick, Cody, Frankie & Caleb shout outs asking for them and ALL their Fans to send Corey the next Care Package.

Below, are some screen shots to see some of the fun in the life of a Secret Service Agent at work….

2016-08-14_1838 2016-08-14_1843 2016-08-14_1921 2016-08-15_0025 2016-08-15_0026 2016-08-14_1839