POPGoesBBCan Premiere With Rick & Julsy

premiere bbcan3 with arisa

WOW what an epic premiere of Big Brother Canada 3!

For this new season, Big Brother Group’s very own Julsy has teamed up with Rick from PopGoesCulture.com to bring you weekly Google Hangouts. For our very first POPGoesBBCan Google Hangout we breakdown the premiere episode of BBCAN3. It was a very typical beginning where they gave us a tour of the house, introduced all 16 houseguests and sent them into the house… but this time the twists began when the new houseguests entered the house to find it completely empty of furniture, luggage and food! 

Click the link below to watch our Google Hangout as we go over everything that happened in the first episode, what we think about the new HG’s, and how we feel about the new twist!