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Big Brother Group’s very own Superfan Missy Z has been given the opportunity each week to interview the evicted houseguests and we asked you the fans in our Big Brother Superfans Facebook group what you wanted to know, so here goes!

1. Why did you give up on the bromance alliance so early when almost every season a bromance makes it to the end? Because I was ride or die with Danielle and felt like Monte was a big threat that needed to be taken out sooner than later because if it was me and him in the end, he would take me out so I figured I might as well do it sooner than later.

2. Obviously Scott’s not going to nominate his alliance, so who would you have rather seen go home from yours? Justin

3. Do you think you let anger get in the way of your game play, it seemed like you didn’t want to bother to talk to anyone from the other side?  I didn’t really care for those people. We did not jive right. I took Monte out which burned the wrong bridges. I was with the Late Night Jamboree and I just felt comfortable with that crowd of people. I didn’t even try and they didn’t even try at all to connect.

4. What’s one positive thing you gained from this experience besides Danielle?  How amazing an experience it was being in the Big Brother house. All your senses are hightened, your emotions and your feelings. You meet these people that you would never meet in real life and hang out and be with and then all of a sudden, your best friends with them. And you realize how much you miss certain things like I missed my mom and dad. You realize how much you care about people and you realize how nice it is not to have your phone. Its a different world in the Big Brother house, a day is 5 days in there. It’s an amazing experience and there’s nothing else like it. It seems easy on TV but its extremely hard.

5. The cameras see everything even in the dark 24/7, are you okay knowing the relationship that you’ve had with Dani will forever be on the internet and seen by all the fans of Big Brother?  Yes, I’m fine (He was also asked about his comment to Julie Chen stating that he loves Danielle and he confirms for us again that he does love Danielle)

6. What would you like to see in the future for the both of you? Get married and have babies!

And lastly we asked… where can fans interact with you on social media?

Snapchat = shanepchapman

Instagram – Facebook

He also says that he will interact with the fans, but he will take it all with a grain of salt because he knows there will be haters and lovers. It is what it is, but of course he will be interacting with fans that are great!


***Here’s the actual audio of the interview so you can hear it all first hand…


My thoughts on Shane… I am highly disappointed in Shane, but I probably shouldn’t be.  In his pre-game interview video he stated that he was going in the house looking for a showmance, so right off the bat, before the show even started, I didn’t like this guy! But then on day one, he starts an all guy alliance and I was highly impressed, but that was very short lived.  He cared way more about Danielle than he ever did about the game.  I will also say that Danielle’s baby daddy is a profession ball player and Shane is from little ole small town NC, so I’m not so sure she will feel about him what he feels for her on the outside when he can’t give her everything she must be accustomed to, but time will tell on that one.  Now let me address one more thing and that is Shane’s behavior right before walking out the door.  There are so many words that come to mind like poor sport, butt hurt, bitter and just plain sad!  I hate that Shane had to show his ass leaving the house and I’m not sure how he can blame Scott for taking him out instead of Danielle when her own alliance wanted her gone and all voted to evict her. It was a brilliant move! People can call it a personal move all day long, but it was the best move for his own game, so I don’t blame Scott one bit for doing what was right for himself!

So Shane, as soon as the game started I really wanted to like you and you blew it!  You literally got rode hard and put up wet and all of America got to watch!  Thanks for the soft porn, but I could of lived without it!  I can’t say that I’m sorry to see ya go, especially with the poor sport you proved yourself to be in the end.  So, if you ever get another chance, try playing the game of Big Brother instead of just playing house, LOL!

Till next time,