Shannon’s Diary Room: BB15 CBS Episode 25

bb15 judd back

Hey everyone!! Sorry for being absent last week I had an awful stomach ache so I was very much in bed while watching bb15 and not doing anything else. But I am back and SOOO happy with this episode and everything after, I had to write this blog with information from the live feeds via twitter (I don’t have the feeds personally) to know both who won HOH and which juror won the right to come back! And both have made me a very very happy Shannon, not to mention I have a certain flower delivery boy flirtation going on haha sorry, I am sure you all don’t care about my personal life πŸ˜‰

Anyways back to BB πŸ˜‰ lol This whole past week was just crazy!! After Jessie’s eviction and finding out about the juror coming back I was soo happy since I have been very #TeamJudd & #TeamJessie for soo long that I wanted one of them, more so Judd, to come back. (Yes I love Candice too! lol). So then we had Aaryn winning HoH after Amanda couldn’t win a comp that was thrown to her lmfao and she puts up Elissa and Helen. As much as I wanted Helen to go, I want Amanda gone more so I was sad about this with Aaryn. However, we got to see Elissa go into BEAST MODE and win the otev POV comp which was AMAZING!! This girl really is related to Rachel, those Reilly sisters really know how to win when they are backed into a corner!!

Of course Elissa used the POV on herself and Aaryn was boring and put up Spencer as the replacement nominee… lame. Anyways so this resulted in a crying Helen being evicted. Then afterwards we got to the competition for bringing back the jury member AND for the HOH. Basically last one standing on the jury side would be back and first one overall out of everyone would be HOH.

SPOILER alert for those who only watch the CBS show and want to wait til Sunday.. but why wait?! lol Anyways, happiness was restored in the BB15 house!! J-U- double D is the returning juror!!!!!!!!! AND Elissa won HOH!! Again channeling that Reilly power πŸ˜€ Hopefully this means that either Amanda or McCrae leaves this week, or hell even Aaryn just for the Julie Chen interview. Either way should be a good week for someone leaving! Soo proud of Elissa!!

And with all of that excitement perhaps I will go to bed although my heart is still racing haha I get so into all of this πŸ˜‰ Leave your comments below and let me know what you think will happen this week with Elissa as HOH and our Judd returning!! Leave comments below and as always follow me on Twitter, @sbauer17 xo <3


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