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Hey everyone, Shannon here for another blog this week. Sorry I was not around last week, but it was my 24th birthday on July 17 so I was busy with the family, my boyfriend, and what not. 🙂 So this week, I am still going to have my usual recap but I feel like I want to update my opinions on some of the houseguests since I haven’t really said much in that regard since my preseason thoughts. :p

First of all this week was rather blah, I mean targeting Brittany of all people to leave.. just so boring. Especially for Cody to go after her, she isn’t a threat to his game and so I just felt bad for her going home last night. This has just been a lot of getting rid of the weaker players who don’t really have alliances or just for personal reasons. That isn’t to say that I wasn’t happy about Devin being evicted last week, but the guy was in the game alone at that point and they could have used him to better their game and got rid of Caleb instead.

Last nights episode also turned me into the lost eighth dwarf, Weepy, all the feels! lol With seeing Frankie’s/the houses reaction to learning about the loss of his grandfather and Brittany having her kids there right after being evicted. I just could not handle it. And then Derrick throwing the competition so Frankie could win and get a picture of his grandfather. OMG Derrick is such a sweet guy, just shows his true character as a person and this man has a really big heart. And then Zach ends up also being HOH along with Frankie.

Sorry if I am kind of breezing through that recap but I really want to get to my thoughts on the rest of the remaining HGs. 🙂
Just going to go with alphabetical order:

Amber: I do like her somewhat more then I did from the beginning, but still not a huge fan. She is definitely competitive and I like that about her but I don’t think she has much of her head in the game, or at least I haven’t really seen that from her. Part of that may have to do with her having to deal with Caleb, but I don’t know. Just not my favorite, but definitely not hated.

Caleb: I think he is a nice guy just seems to have a problem seeing that Amber just isn’t into him. I feel bad for him because he is just being ripped apart for this and this is all just ruining his game. I hope that he can shake this Amber thing off and start to actually play the game for himself.

Christine: I know there is some online hate for her but, I still adore her. Idc lol I think she is really smart and has allies everywhere. She is with remaining bomb squad members, the detonators, and also in the weirdos alliance with Nicole and Hayden. So I think she is in a great position as far as not being nominated if most people win HOH for now.

Cody: I think he just let other people manipulate his game and I just would have like to see Cody think and play for himself. Do what he wants to do to better his game. I don’t think he is in danger or anything but just wish he would have done what he wanted to do and we could have perhaps seen Caleb leave this week instead of Brittany.

Derrick: I think he is one of the smartest players in the game. He is very smart and without being HOH manages to get what he wants each week. Also after seeing what he did for Frankie, it just shows how big of a heart he has. I do like him and as long as he doesn’t get to comfortable and keeps his head in the game I do think he can go far.

Donny: This guy is just the sweetest and these people should feel threatened by him, but they aren’t and I find it hilarious. Everyone loves Donny and if he makes it to final two, he could very well win this whole thing. He is so extremely likeable and is getting better and better at this game which each passing day.

Frankie: I am just so proud of him for staying strong and staying in the game like his family wanted. I am so so so sorry for his families loss and have them all in my prayers right now. Also just so happy that BB let him know and gave him a letter from his family. I would have been so upset if they didn’t tell him and do that. Anyways, I think this all gave him some motivation to win and he is in a great position in the house as well. He is very well liked and has a lot of say each week as far as nominations and who goes home. He has grown on me more and more each week and I am so happy he continues to do well and is staying strong.

Hayden: I don’t know why he isn’t a target from the other side of the house (detonators) since I feel like he would be a good person for them to want to take out. I hope he doesn’t go anytime soon since he has grown on me sooo much. I love how weird and ridiculous he is and I love him with Nicole, they are just to cute.

Jocasta: Oh goodness, where to begin with this woman. She is a bit over the top and has no clue what she is doing. She will continue to be put up on the block and likely go home soon. She is good friends with Donny and that is pretty much it. I have no idea what she is doing game wise and she really freaked me out when Amber won the BOB for them. I like her and I think she is a good person but she is so over the top and I am sick of the bow ties.

Nicole: I just adore Nicole and want her to do well. I was so happy when she was briefly HOH before with Derrick. I think she is in a good position and can stay that way as long as the house doesn’t realize the relationship budding between her and Hayden. (If they don’t all know already that they have kissed and what not) I know they know about how cute they are with each other but don’t know beyond that, I have been slacking as of late with my feed/twitter stalking lol Anyways, I do think she is in a good position and she is very likeable among the house.

Victoria: Had I not been looking at a list of who is in the house still, I likely would have forgotten to list her. Most days I forget she is even playing this game. It seems like she is never on the show itself and idk how much they show her on the feeds but I never really notice her. I am happy for her winning the POV and what not, but it just seems like she really has no idea how to play this game. I know she is familiar with international versions of Big Brother but doesn’t seem to be into how BBUS is. She hasn’t seemed to make any alliances/real friendships in the house and seems like she will keep being nominated because of this and will likely go home soon. I think she knows more then she lets on and can be rather smart but she just doesn’t seem to be trying. I’d love to see her really try and form some alliances or something!

Zach: This is the biggest change from preseason for me. I love Zach, he is just so absurd and ridiculous that it is endearing now. What I once found to be incredibly annoying I now find to be hilarious and I get him a lot more. He is just more in tune with this game then I had originally thought and I hope he will do something interesting this week, being one of the HOHs. I am excited for him and I really hope he does something entertaining and doesn’t just go after another weak player.

Alright everyone, sorry this blog is so long but I had a lot to say after missing last week with blogging and everything. I hope this week is entertaining and we start seeing some moves being made! Let me know in the comments below, or on twitter, @sbauer17 what your thoughts on the HGs are and who you think will be nominated this week?

-Shannon xo

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