Shannon’s Diary Room – BB16 Episode 26

zachevictedHey everyone, Shannon here for another blog post this week. Sorry things have been so crazy busy in the life of this blogger that I haven’t had a free moment to myself in what feels like weeks. I am no attempting to write this late at night lol so bear with me if this doesn’t go perfectly :p haha

This week was just another frustrating week for me watching, I felt just annoyed and everything all at once. I was however, glad that the plan to get rid of Donny failed, honestly I always adored Donny since he is so sweet and just an overall awesome guy. But this week I gained some new respect for him game wise, he is really onto the alliances and where people stand. If only the other people would actually listen to him. We all love you Donny! <3

So this week so the unfortunate eviction of our beloved #ZachAttack 🙁 , this poor guy getting evicted by Frankie’s HOH.. just really. I don’t even want to comment on Frankie right now since I can feel myself getting upset, and I’d rather not this close to bedtime haha However, this week one of the jury members got to come back and all I was thinking the whole time was anyone but Jocasta. Honestly, this woman could not do anything and just ugh, so happy it was Nicole instead. I adore Nicole and I hope somehow that her and Donny can do some damage and turn this house around. This has turned so predictable each week and it is becoming boring. Props to Derrick for playing so well that they all listen to him and aren’t seeing it, but I am so just done with it.

I head read, spoiler alert, who won HOH and who were shockingly (cept not really), nominated. Cody HOH and Nicole and Donny. *slow clap*.. really? uggggh All I can hope for is some sort of POV magic from either Donny or Nicole and then someone else there to grow a pair and perhaps a brain and somehow have both of them be safe. Come on CBS give me a pandora’s box or a Diamond POV lol something?! I can’t lose these two this week. 🙁

Anyways, that is all my ranting and ramblings lol Hopefully some of this makes sense, I just found a moment to write and kind of went with it.  As always, follow me on Twitter @sbauer17 and leave comments below or on twitter on your thoughts of things. Let me know!

-Shannon xo

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