Shannon’s Diary Room – BB16 Episode 29


Hey everyone, so I have been procrastinating all day writing this, which I am sure Joe has just loved (sorry :$ lol) But I have become so frustrated lately with the show and then just into a pit of sadness this past week. First we had Cody win HOH which honestly I’d rather watch paint dry then ever watch him be HOH, was the most boring anti-climatic HOH that I ever did see. He predictably so, nominated Nicole and Donny for eviction and then won POV and thought hmm maybe I should get Christine or Frankie out, and then as per usual is all talk. UGH.

So no matter what for me this week I was always going to be sad, either Donny or Nicole leaving which I love them both so, it just was so sad to watch. Seeing Donny leave was the saddest eviction I think I have ever seen and someone please give that man a giant hug! I adore Donny and think he just has the biggest heart. My frustration came from the Team America blah blah, with Derrick saying in the DR goodbye that he “tried” to save Donny but couldn’t. And then during the episode Julie said during the break Caleb/Frankie were trying to flip the vote. Sooo he needed three votes, uum so Derrick if you actually were trying and wanted to, you had your other two votes right there.

I can respect them wanting to get Donny out since everyone loves Donny and what not so he’d take the whole thing, I get that. I am not upset so much about that, I am upset about people lying in the DR. We watch the show and even if we don’t watch the feeds, all you have to do is go on Twitter and you can see what is going on (which is what I do, as well as different podcasts on YouTube). So don’t try and save face with America by lying in the DR. Just be honest about your game and what you’re doing, own that. With any of them, just be honest in the DR, because when you’re not only once, I will never know what is true and what isn’t later on. I will constantly be thinking are they saying this because it is really how they feel/think or how they think America wants them to be? Sorry for that rant there but I am just frustrated lol

So spoiler alert, if you don’t already know, I stayed up to find out who won HOH and it was Caleb and I waited to write my blog until I saw who he nominated and well, I am a bit surprised, I figured for sure Nicole would go up but I didn’t think it would be alongside Christine. I figured Victoria would, but then again we all know Derrick wants to take her straight to final 2 so that he can win over her. Ugh..

Okay, I need to end this blog now, I can feel my blood pressure rising and I don’t want this to turn into a six page essay lol Let me know what you think about how this season is going in the comments below or on Twitter (@sbauer17). Are you just as sad about Donny leaving? 🙁 Just let me know! lol

-Shannon xo

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