Shannon’s Diary Room – BB16 Episode 32


Hey everyone, Shannon here for yet another blog this week. This week on Big Brother as sad as I was that Nicole was inevitably leaving, my hope lied in the Double Eviction. Generally they are full of intense moments and drama. This one, kinda disappointed me. I am waiting for these people to realize that they can’t all possibly make it to final 2 and they HAVE to turn on each other. Sadly, other then Derrick, it seems like Victoria is one of the only people that seems to grasp this concept. (thanks to her chats with Nicole of course).

However, this episode was only a kind of disappointment because I just could not help but laugh, (I have a weird sense of humor), at the audience booing Christine, as she was the second one evicted. I don’t think she deserved it, considering the only other times I can remember people getting booed was during last season, and she definitely isn’t as bad as them. I think she played her game wrong by trusting the guys and did some things she shouldn’t have being that she is a married woman, but that is between her and her husband and not the rest of the world. What surprised me is that Christine didn’t seem to fight to stay at all. If her and Frankie were smart they would have put their personal feelings for each other aside and teamed up together to take out the rest of the house.  But alas this did not happen and so now the only girl left in the game is Victoria.

This is Derrick’s game to win at this point since it seems like he is in complete control and no one seems to notice it at all. Hopefully this whole reset twist (which come on production, you couldn’t have used this previous week (Nicole) or  the week before (Donny), will send Frankie out next. I think he needs out to come back down to earth and I want to laugh again when the audience boos. Yea, that may be a bit mean of me but like I said my sense of humor is a little weird and I find it funny. I am excited to see on Sunday Jeff (finally) propose to Jordan. I think they are just adorable together and I am happy for the both of them and can’t wait to see that play out.

Sorry this blog is coming out so late today, I have been spending the day with my baby nephew and my sister and brother in law, so I haven’t had much spare time today. But as promised it is here 🙂 Leave me comments below or on Twitter, @sbauer17 (and heck follow me too :p) and let me know what you think about this reset twist or any other opinions you have.

-Shannon xo

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