Shannon’s Diary Room – BB16 Episode 38


Hey everyone, Shannon here with another blog post this week. Now I didn’t bother writing last week since well the rewind happened so it didn’t seem logical to write since the week had to be redone.

Anyways back on track, as you all know we are now down to the final 3 since Frankie left during Tuesday nights episode and Caleb during Wednesdays. (Is it sad that I miss #BeastModeCowboy ?) So our final three is Cody, Derrick and uuuh Victoria? I seriously roll my eyes every time I mention her name/think about her. This girl is likely going to end up with $50,000 for doing nothing and it just ugggggggh lol Honestly it feels sort of like a dejaview from BBCAN2, and if Cody pulls a Jon like move and cuts Derrick like Jon did Neda, I will cry with laughter. This is what I want to happen even though Derrick should win this season it would be so entertaining and hilarious if it happened the same way. If Cody is smart and provided he does win final HOH, he should since he’d be guaranteed the win and I doubt Victoria would get any votes since she doesn’t have a Rachelle like Sabrina did.

Anyways, sorry for my BBCAN2 rant there lol But I am excited for the finale and to see some jury updates and who wins AVP. I hope and pray that Frankie does not win this and that either Zach or Donny can pull ahead. Ariana fans can go away and let the actual favorite player win this. Not that I would be surprised if it ended up being him, just hope it isn’t since it shouldn’t.

I can feel a rant coming on about this season but alas it is finally almost over and like I said at the end of last season, please make next an All-Star season 😀 that would make me so happy. It is long overdue lol

Anyways, let me know in the comments below or on Twitter, @sbauer17, your thoughts on the final three and who you think will/should win.

-Shannon xo