Shannon’s Diary Room – BB16 Episode 8

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Hey everyone, well we survived Devin’s reign of terror! Thank God it is over finally lol Although considering everything that ended up happening, it wasn’t as terrible as I had been initially thinking. Last night we saw Paola leaving and honestly she was one of my least favorite people in the house and the only reason I was a bit sad to see her go was because of Donny’s goodbye DR to her (uggh made me teary lol).

The best part of the episode was the end of that veto meeting, it was GOLD. After Devin takes Brittany off the block and puts Zach up in her place, Brittany wants to add in some comments to Paola. And then I don’t even know, but all hell breaks lose and Paola and Zach both set their sights on wanting to later target Devin. All the while Devin, who has gone into fully batshit crazy mode, is smiling away like this is a happy moment or something.. I don’t understand this guy. I am sure he is a great father and everything, but in the game of Big Brother this guy is just out of his mind, I hope he goes this week not only for his own sanity but because I just can’t stand watching him self destruct anymore.

Devin was seemingly thinking the whole house was voting out Zach which did not happen, Paola was sent home by a vote of 10-2. (the two votes for her to stay coming from her two friends Donny and Jacosta). I am interested to see his DRs about how mad he is that Zach didn’t go home. lol Afterwards we jump into the HOH competition in which the two winners are Nicole and Derrick! 😀 I was so happy! I am still so happy. I can’t wait to see what they do and I hope and pray it involves Devin leaving next week, what a birthday present to me that would be 😀 (yes my birthday is on Thursday).

Overall this week was ridiculous and just cemented my overall dislike of everything that Devin is doing in this game. He has got to be one of the worst BB players in a long time. He makes this giant alliance and when he kicks Zach out instead of being like, seven is okay, he goes and forces Hayden to join. He just never thinks about how his actions affect the rest of his alliance and how his “being honest” can hurt those he claims to be loyal to. And the crazy part is, he thinks he is some great player and that people like him.. just no. NO. ugh lol Sorry for that rant there, but honestly, the guy is just so grating.

Anyways, let me know what you thought about this weeks BB happenings and what you think of our two new HOHs? Who do you want to go home next week? Let me know in the comments below and/or on Twitter, @sbauer17. (Also follow me on there 🙂 )

-Shannon xo

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