Shannon’s Diary Room – BB16 Episode 17


Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on my post this week just been really busy last few days. But I have not forgotten lol Anyways, this week we saw poor Amber get evicted. Which she was a decent player so it was good for them to get rid of her, but she really didn’t deserve it since her game was basically screwed via Caleb.

I am just waiting for this season to stop sending home all the girls and start targeting some game players. I find these blogs almost hard to write because of this. The constant nominating the same people and all these unanimous votes to evict, it is just painful almost. Even Team America wouldn’t change their vote this week to stir up drama. I guess if they keep getting rid of more weaker players perhaps we will see some bigger moves when only bigger players are left. I just keep feeling bad for Jocasta and Victoria having to always be put up on the block every week. I agree they are weak players and are hardly doing anything, but it is just becoming very predictable to watch.

So yes, this blog will be rather short then my normal lengthy blog since I just can’t seem to bring myself to write much since not much is really happening. I am ready for some drama, at least when Zach was temporarily co-hoh there was some lol He is a bit ridiculous about it, but hey, he was at least doing something, even if it was a bit irrational (not to mention hilarious).

I am hoping this week will see some shift in power and normal Big Brother antics! Please lol I can’t take another unanimous eviction lol Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and on Twitter, @sbauer17.

-Shannon xo

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