Shannon’s Diary Room – BBCAN2 Episode 23

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Hey everyone, it is that time again for my weekly blog about this weeks BBCAN2 craziness! So I will not waste any time and just get right to it!

This week saw the first instant eviction of the season! Instant evictions are SO intense and this was definitely no exception! My girl Neda wins her second HOH of the season and shortly after is called to the DR and then taken to the War Room! Here she is secluded from the rest of the HGs and eventually Arisa informs her of the instant eviction and she is then given only 5 minutes to decide who she will nominate. Arisa also informs her that she will not be Topazed (thank goodness!) so she was free to speak her mind and let us know what is going through her head for nominations. She was choosing between Sabrina, Rachelle, and Allison. Trying to figure out whether or not this is the right time to get rid of Allison or not. In the end she nominated both Sabrina and Allison. I thought this was a brilliant choice on Neda’s part and since there was no veto in play for this eviction, a perfect time to get rid of Allison which did indeed happen.

Allison is sent packing and then we go to another HOH competition which surprisingly saw Adel win. (Well it surprised me anyways). What did not surprise me was his nominations of Rachelle and Sabrina. However, I still don’t know whether to love his nomination speech or hate it. I have no idea where that came from and I don’t think it is good game strategy. Certainly made for interesting television but I do not think this helped his game at all.

Next we have the POV competition which was hosted by my BBCAN1 favorite (and *cough* soulmate *cough* lol) Peter! My girl Neda yet again, came away with another win! 😀 So proud of her! She does the right move and does not use the POV and thus seals Rachelle’s fate that she is going home. I agreed with their decision to send Rachelle home first over Sabrina since of the two, at least competition wise, Rachelle has won something and thus could potentially win something again, where as Sabrina hasn’t won anything ever and likely will continue this streak.

We are left at the end of the episode with a knot untying sort of HOH competition. And word has it the Jon has won it! YAY! Anything that keeps my girl Neda safe is okay by me. lol I also really like Jon too, but I like Neda more as an overall player of the game. So yay! Anyways what are your thoughts on this crazy week? With the instant eviction and then the normal one? How do you think Jon’s HOH will go? Will they finally be rid of the last first five member Sabrina? Or will this be Adel’s week to go? Let me know in the comments below what you think or tell me on Twitter!

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-Shannon xo

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