Shannon’s Diary Room – BBCAN2 Episode 26

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Hey everyone, Shannon here back for another blog this week! Can’t believe that after next week BBCAN2 will be over 🙁 But I will just jump right into last week and yesterday’s episode!

Last week we saw Rachelle leave and it seemed like Sabrina would be next in line. However, after Jon won the HOH competition and noticed that Heather was very close to winning he wanted, as well as Neda and Adel, to get rid of Heather first over Sabrina. Unfortunately for them Heather went on to win the POV competition and secured her spot in the final four. I have to say this now, I am so happy I ended up being wrong about Heather and that she has tons of depth and she really just is a sweet girl. At first she came off as trying to hard but she really just wants to be liked and fit in, something I think everyone can relate too. I am so proud of her for making it this far and she is definitely one of my favorites.  Jon then put up Adel as the replacement nominee. After the vote we saw Neda and Heather both vote to evict Adel. As much as I didn’t want him to win, it really did pain me to have Sabrina stay over him.

Like it or not Jon, Sabrina, Neda, and Heather are our final four and one of them will end up winning BBCAN2. If you had asked me at the beginning who would be final four, I would not have thought that Heather and Sabrina would be there. I always liked Jon and had hopes, which grew immensely, for Neda. Unfortunately, right now one of my three favorites have to leave and it saddens me so. Spoiler alert, Sabrina (of all people :/ ) won HOH and she is guaranteed a spot in final 3. I pray to the BB Gods that if she happens to make it to final 2 that she does not win this whole thing. She was a great manipulator at the beginning but I don’t think of the four that are left, she should win over any of them. In all honesty, Neda should take this whole thing. She has had her head in the game the whole time and really does know what it up and of any of them I feel she should take it all. Whether she will or not is still up for debate since whoever wins POV basically has the sole vote to evict, unless Sabrina wins then she can change who has that vote. Either way though, it will be up to one person who goes home. As of right now (spoiler alert :p ), Sabrina has nominated Jon and Heather. Neda is safe for now, which I like, but it will come down to POV and I haven’t watched the feeds/been on twitter so I don’t know who the intended target is right now, but I won’t be happy no matter what this eviction!

So sad to know one of my three favorites are leaving now and not making it to the final three. I know I have said this already but it still it just hurts lol Anyways, I would love to know all of your thoughts on the final four in the comments below. Who do you think should win it all? Who do you think will be evicted? Comment below or tweet me (@sbauer17) and let me know!

-Shannon xo

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