Shannon’s Diary Room – BBCAN2 Finale!

big brother canada 2 final 3

Hey everyone, Shannon here with my last post of the BBCAN2 season 🙁 Last nights finale was AMAZING, as was this season in general. I have to say I was so impressed with the competitions and all the creativity that they put into this season.

Anyways last nights episode was intense, after recapping the whole season we get to part one of the HOH competition. Part one was an endurance style competition in which they had sinking boats that they had to bail water out of to keep it below the line. Neda was the first one out of the competition and then it was down to Sabrina and Jon. At one point, since Jon was next to Sabrina, he realized that while he was bailing his water some would land in her boat. LOL I was dying. Sabrina went into crazy beast mode but it wasn’t enough for her to defeat Jon. Jon took part one of the final HOH.

In part two it was a puzzle and physical sort of challenge since Neda and Sabrina had to place the names of the HGs with the correct clues and run back and forth and across the whole board. Neda got briefly stuck during the second phase of it but she seemed to do really well overall. Next Sabrina was up and she BLAZED through it and I was not happy at that point. She gets to the last phase of it and messes up the part that had to do with HER! lol Crazy how you can overthink so much that you forget things that you should know since it directly involved yourself. Ultimately my girl Neda took part two and it came down to Jon and Neda for part three of the final HOH.

Part three was the typical question/answer challenge and it was so intense to watch, I cannot imagine how they felt during it. They were tied for the longest time on the questions and I honestly thought it was going to come down to a tie breaker. But then my girl Neda slipped on a question and Jon took the lead and then ultimately won part three. I was so entirely happy for Jon winning part 3, I figured he would prior to watching it. Next came the part where my jaw hit the effing ground, my boy Jon chose to take Sabrina to final 2 instead of Nedballz 🙁 My heart was in pieces knowing that Neda couldn’t win the game that was hers to win. And also saddened me that Sabrina would get second place. However, I understood why Jon did what he did, if he wanted to win he was guaranteed that if he took Sabrina, I think/hope that Neda would’ve won no matter who she was against, but he had it in the bag with taking Sabrina.

As expected it was Jon who won BBCAN2 by a 6 – 1 vote, Rachelle being Sabrina’s only vote to win. I was not surprised to find out that Canada voted Jon over Sabrina, but I am curious to know of him or Neda, which had more votes. Ultimately I am so happy with who won this season and while it may have seemed like Neda was running things, in the end Jon really was paying attention to her game as well as his and did what he had to do to win. He made the smart move by choosing Sabrina over Neda, even if it broke my heart inside lol I am happy that a great player won this season and that it wasn’t a disappointing end like say BB US season 6 lol

Anyways let me know your thoughts on the finale of BBCAN2 in the comments below or on my Twitter, @sbauer17. This season has been amazing and I appreciate all of you who read my ramblings on here lol It means the world to me. Can’t wait to be back for BB16 in June. 🙂

-Shannon xo

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