Shannon’s Diary Room: CBS BB15 Episode 10

big brother 15 episode 10

Hey everyone, Shannon here with another post about this weeks live eviction episode. So we’re calling this Shannon’s Diary Room instead of Recapping and blah lol Joe and I came up with this because while I do briefly recap the episode it is more about my thoughts on people and what happened (kinda like if I did my own DRs on BB 😛 ) So this will be my weekly blog after every live eviction episode. Also, before I begin, I just want to say how much I enjoyed live tweeting with you all during the episodes and I look forward to continuing it for every episode to come 😀 You guys make this all so rewarding and so much fun for me and I appreciate it sooo much!

This whole week was crazy in the best way in Big Brother. It seems to have become the summer of splitting up showmances and for the first time ever in the first three weeks, all guys have left. With the three nominees this week of Jeremy, Spencer, and Aaryn, no matter who left in my opinion I would have been happy. With that said, I am thrilled that Jeremy left he was a strong player and a bully so seeing him leave before jury made me happy since I won’t have to see him again until finale night.

Also during this episode we got a glimpse of #McCranda with Big Brother talking to their families about their showmance. I thought both of their families were adorable, as do I find both Amanda and McCrae together, so I honestly hope it is real and things do work out for them. Seriously I think The Bachelor/ette should take notes because it seems Big Brother is the place to find love ;).

After Jeremy’s eviction came the HoH competition and I was so thrilled with the outcome, KING JUDD winning HoH this week :). I hope this win causes some #TeamJudsie to happen more because honestly I find them adorable. And I know, I know, she tried with everyone and blah, but seriously I think they are so cute. Since I don’t have the feeds I have no idea who Judd will want to target but with the twist this week of America being the MVP it should be interesting, I just hope they don’t think that Elissa is lying about it when she tells them that she isn’t. (Although lets be real, it would be kinda funny lol).

As sort of happy I am that America gets to pick the third n0mination it seems to just be CBS’s way of letting America personally evict Aaryn, unless she wins the veto which honestly I’d probably laugh so hard because people would be taking it all so seriously and be so upset about it. Don’t get me wrong I do want her gone just as much as anyone else since I don’t respect her as a person, I just have to laugh when people get so bent out of shape about things like that :p

Alright everyone, let me know who you think Judd will nominate for eviction in the comments below. Also follow me on Twitter, @sbauer17 and I look forward to more live tweeting with you all again on the @BigBroGroup twitter every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the episode broadcasts 🙂


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