Shannon’s Diary Room: CBS Big Brother Episode 19

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Hey everyone, sorry I didn’t blog last week but I was a bit busy. Anyways, this week was so ridiculous! I don’t even know where to begin. So I guess I will just recap this episode briefly and add in my thoughts. :p

The beginning of the episode had Amanda, Candice, and Spencer all on the block facing eviction. Julie also announces to the HGs that this week is the start of jury and later tells them that the MVP twist/three nominees is over. With that all being said, I was disappointed that they didn’t reveal America was behind the MVP nom’s since of what eventually ended up happening, yes I am still so sad about it 🙁

Then we have everyone voting to evict and I was so just sick hearing people be like I don’t want to evict Candice buut I have to. Uuum, no you don’t! I know I only played in a twitter version of Big Brother but in that version I could not and would not vote to evict my friend regardless of what the rest of the house was doing and even though I knew she would be evicted. I did get evicted the following eviction, but still I left with a great friend and I do not regret voting to keep her and I’d like to think that in real Big Brother I would do the same, maybe this would be my downfall, valuing friendship over money or a prize, but I am fine with that.

Anyways so Candice was evicted, and GinaMarie, how I want to punch you in your stupid face. If her fighting with Candice was not bad enough during Candice’s final plea eviction speech but then she had to go and say that to Candice about her mother since she was adopted. GinaMarie you are scum.

After this we have the HOH competition and in true Big Brother fashion the only one you don’t want to win goes and wins it, yes that is right Aaryn wins HOH AGAIN! lol So crazy! Aaryn then gets scared to do anything real and nominates Jessie ( 🙁 ) and Spencer for eviction. Afterwards we have the veto competition and it happens AGAIN, yes Aaryn wins POV. Never in a double eviction episode have I gone from being sad, to being happy, to being sad again in a matter of seconds. Sad because Jessie was nominated. Happy because Aaryn won POV and used it to save Jessie. And then sad again because Aaryn named Judd as the replacement nominee 🙁 . WHYYYY?! ugggh, not impressed. So yes, this resulted in Judd being evicted. I cannot wait until they find out America was MVP and Judd was loyal! Feel stupid all of you!! Also Helen calling Aaryn Janelle made me want to projectile vomit. Aaryn is not Janelle, now or ever. And NO ONE will ever be Janelle. Janelle puts up who she wants not does what the house wants her to do, just no.

So I know everyone hates twist and blah but I will say I would love some sort of exception to this just so Judd can come back, he is my favorite. If he doesn’t hopefully he will be a contender for America’s favorite! And also, at least he left wearing the bear shirt and not someone else wearing it. lol #BringJuddBack

Anyways that is all for me tonight! I have to head to bed since I am headed to Toronto tomorrow to visit my cousin for the weekend 😀 This will likely be published while I am on the train haha :p So follow me on Twitter, @sbauer17 and talk to me while I am on a four hour train ride LOL

– Shannon xo

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