Shannon’s Diary Room: CBS Episode 13

big brother 15 kaitlin evicted

Hey everyone, Shannon here with another weekly recap/commentary!

Wow what a week it has been! First with Elissa being nominated by America after always winning MVP and then one of the three #MeanGirls finally leaving! It has been drama filled. In tonight’s live eviction episode the house guests unanimously voted to evict Kaitlin thinking that she was the biggest target of the three nominees. And wouldn’t you know it, in typical Big Brother fashion the one person no one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to win HoH ends up winning it, that’s right Aaryn is the new HoH. Even though she was the last person I wanted to win HoH I could not help but laugh hysterically when she won. Classic Big Brother, everything is always changing and your favorites can’t win every week. In the words of #BBCAN’s Talla #loveit.

I just wanted to quickly say a few things, first I do still like Elissa even though she had some very bitchy moments this week, I think everyone has a bad side and we can all say/do things sometimes that aren’t right. However, what I do not understand is all this Amanda hate. WHY?! Because she is playing the game and trying to get people out of the house?? Uuum she’s playing Big Brother, and playing it right. Yes she is loud and in your face, but so what? And what, because she wants Howard out? Umm last I heard he wants her out too, soo? This is Big Brother people are going to target each other and want some of the players you like out, but I don’t think that warrants all this ridiculous hatred. I’m not saying everyone has to like her but there just seems to be an excessive amount of hate.

Anyways so now that Aaryn is HoH I don’t think she will keep her deal with Helen/Elissa and that likely means at least Elissa will be nominated. It is times like these where I do wish I had the live feeds lol sadly my internet is fail and I have to look to Twitter for updates. Let me know your thoughts on who you think Aaryn will nominate. Also who do you think America will nominate? I personally hope after this week we will be done with the MVP twist, I am ready for either something new or to just let them play the game!

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