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bb15 shocking final 3

Hey everyone, tonight is the finale night of BB15 (FINALLY lol) and this never ending season will see either GinaMarie, Spencer, or Andy taking the title of the winner of BB15. I am sure everyone agrees that this was not exactly the final three we wanted and/or expected when this season started. This season has become painful to write about and I hope BB16 either has much better casting or just bring us our long overdue All Stars 2! lol

So let me break down my thoughts of the final three:

Andy – I don’t think Andy is a bad person and of the three he is the one that likely should win, unfortunately, but that does not mean I like him as a game player. As a person I like him but his game I just cannot stand. If he does indeed win, he will take the crown from Maggie as the worst winner ever, in fact I am pretty sure all of them will take this title :/ . However, he did play well considering. He flipped on alliances when he needed too, played both sides against each other, and managed to rat his way to the final 3.

GinaMarie – I cannot forget the vulgar and terrible things this girl has said in the beginning of the season however, she did pull herself together and was able to make it to the final 3. First she went crazy after spending only 2 weeks with a guy, whom she keeps bringing up still (creeeepy). Also if she makes it to final 2, I pray the blue hat does as well. lol  Second she was able to form new friendships and alliances after losing her bb bunny Aaryn. In all honesty, I expected her to be gone shortly after the Nick eviction because of how crazy she went and how hysterical she was being. However, she has managed to hang on and somehow end up in the final 3. I want her to win and this is a sad day when I feel I am left to root for GinaMarie. Uggh. I am ashamed.

Spencer – What did this guy even do to make it to the final 3? Yes he won a POV and an HOH, but sooo what? lol He was on the block more then anything else this summer and just floated himself to the final three. He does not deserve to be anywhere near the final 3, let alone be in the final 2. I say this because where was his gameplay, what did he do? What strategy did he even have? I have no idea. Half of the time I barely knew he was even on the show, the only reason I knew was because I’d see him on eviction night sitting in one of the nomination chairs. Please don’t win. Ugggh.

Alright well there you have it all of my opinions lol I am happy this season is over and happy that we still have bb16 to look forward too. Also soo happy the greatest player ever Dr. Will, will be back for finale.  And also Survivor premiere before the finale featuring bb12 winner Hayden :). So yes other things to look forward to tonight. Leave some comments below and I will be back to blog again for you all during BBCAN2 😀 and of course during BB16 🙂

-Shannon xo

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