Shannon’s Diary Room: It’s almost over!!!

bb15 final 4

Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of posting as of late, things going on in the life and just frustrated with this show at times lol But anyways, I am back and will likely write another couple posts before the season is over 🙂

Anyways, what a week it was last week with the DE. For me, it was a very bittersweet episode so filled with emotions and craziness, which is what I love about Big Brother, but in this case it left me with a strange final 5 and I don’t know what to think about them at all :/ So first let me just say FINALLY they got rid of Amanda. This girl was controlling everyone and acting like a crazy person, I don’t know if this is entirely who she is or if the house started getting the best of her, but she needed out of this game either way. GinaMarie got to personally evict her, which was kind of hilarious in my opinion. After that we see McCrae win the DE HOH and he had to name two nominees and I guess I should not have had high hopes for him to actually be smart in playing and do something other then what the mother-effing house wants :/ But alas, he was stupid and put up Elissa and GinaMarie for eviction, instead of Andy who actually DID vote out Amanda and is playing every side of the house. (and I swear if he wins, he will take the crown away from Maggie of BB6 for most disappointing ending). So then Judd wins POV and he is in his world of entitlement and alliance of forgetting that had anyone but Elissa won that HOH when he came back, he would have likely been voted right back out.. But alas, he didn’t use the POV and what happened.. why another unanimous vote.. *rolls eyes* And Elissa was sent packing 🙁

Watching Sunday nights show was brutal having to relive Elissa being evicted and then finding out that McCrae was more stupid then I originally thought. Originally I thought he blamed Elissa for voting Amanda out, but he knew it was Andy and “didn’t want to make waves” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It is the FINAL EFFING 5 and you can’t make moves NOW?! I can’t even begin to understand this. WHY are these people so afraid?! WHHYYYY?! Where are the Janelle “bye, bye bitches” players. Like please.. wtf.. Sorry about that rant but those are my intense feelings of this season that I honestly am excited will be over soon. Anyways, back to the episode. HOH competition was between the four floaters… er exterminators alliance and Spencer of all people won :/. And he nominates McCrae and GM for eviction.

Spencer is in final four… I just can’t.. what is happening. I don’t know who I am even rooting for to win at this point. We have Andy the rat, Spencer who is just ugh, in one word lol, GinaMarie who took out Amanda so I guess that is SOMETHING.. but her Nick obsession is killing me, Judd who was already evicted and I like as a person but a returning player winning.. idk, and McCrae who after 70+ days is finally sort of playing.. I don’t think I can pick one to win. I love Judd personally and think he is adorable but returning player winning.. idk. I am stuck at this point of as long as it isn’t Andy or Spencer, maaaybe I will be okay, and this isn’t saying that the others are better but just that those two drive me more bonkers than the other three. I’d love to know your thoughts on who you think should win because I can’t even pick one lol At least we still have America’s favorite to vote for and I would love to know who you think will win that prize and who should win? Let me know in the comments below or talk to me on twitter, @sbauer17 follow me and lets chat BB.

-Shannon xo

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