Sorry Amanda, silly girl, Elissa isn’t the target. YOU ARE!

bb15 ginamarie nominates amanda mccrae


What can I say BB fans? Finally Aaryn goes home! I can say watching Aaryn squirm in that chair next to Juli was rather uncomfortable. I could feel the tension in the room and I am 3,000 miles away. WOW! GEESH! Long time coming though, I might add.

Gina Marie HOH! She has become quite the dark horse this season. Who would have thought she would make it to final 6? Just have to point out it is even more shocking that she has “aligned” herself a bit with Elissa. I use my little bunny ears there because, is she with her or isn’t she? Can anyone be sure? Will she stick with the “Exterminators” or will she become yet another blonde victim of an all guys alliance? Why do these women not see the common denominator every season? Wise up! I am praying for the first BB season with an all girl alliance, but sadly not something I will EVER bet on. Who knows, I can’t recall if this is the 20th or 25th alliance in the house this season. I lost count after the “Moving Company” and the “Mom Squad”.

Well we definitely know GM has some balls and she has been letting us know that all season very vocally. ( I got Balls! I got some big balls! My balls’ balls have balls!) However, who knew she was actually not blowing steam? The whole house has been saying since week 3 that McCrae and Amanda have to go, was it always really “too soon” or is she just the first one with cojones? So that brings us to the EPIC conclusion of this past week’s cyclone that is Amanda. AMANDA AND MCCRAE are our nominees this week. All of us with the live feeds have been listening all night chewing off our finger nails like McCrae. Will she or won’t she EXPLODE!? Well, if ya ask me it was quite anticlimactic. She cried a bunch ya, but where was the freak show? Oh well, I guess we saw enough of that with “the other bunny girl” or was that a “teddy bear”, “cat” I dunno, anyway…

No question we are in for some fireworks this week. I have a feeling we haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. Tonight, the tears. Tomorrow, the sleeping then BAM! Between Amanda and GM oh boy I am so excited. Hopefully Elissa will keep herself out of the equation and not get to smiley because God help her, she might end up being swept under the house ready to drop instead. If McCrae or Amanda win POV who will GM put up? Elissa or that new alliance? We shall see…

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