STEVE regrets his decision…

steve bb17 crying

I can’t…..I just can’t…..The events of last week (prior to Vanessa’s short reign of HOH), watching Steve Pace, dance, talk to himself for 3 days straight just about ruined me. I mean, it’s bad enough when you get to the final 5 and there’s just nothing else to do or talk about, then the best we get is Steve Pacing or Austin/Liz sexing it up? It’s been a few days since I last blogged Big Brother (ok…10ish) but there Was/Is just absolutely nothing to talk about….I think one of the highlights for me most recently was when the back yard was open and the houseguest’s were doing laundry and playing pool. (Liz does crack me up with hitting the cue ball with the wrong end of pool stick)…

THEN……the feeds were down for almost a full two (2) days, which almost KILLED me. There is nothing worse than BB feed withdrawals, Nothing!!!

Finally, tonight we have FEEDS!! …..And, Austin’s eviction was EPIC!! Barefoot and all….made my night, it did. It didn’t take long for feeds to bore me to tears knowing Steve won HoH AGAIN – Ugh!! Johnny Mac and Vanessa are on the block and Vanessa won POV, By the time the feeds came on tonight, everyone was winding down for the night, except of course, good ole Steve! He went into the Parlor Room and started blaming himself for the choices he made in his nominations and began pouting and apologizing to his mom, then decided it would be best to RUN upstairs and get a camera to watch him CRY like a little baby, again apologizing to his mom and saying “I could have won this game today, I screwed up…I’m so sorry mom”. He was clutching his beloved Co-Co the bear during it all and was greatful to the BB Gods for being there for him (camera time)…..puke!

So, he decided he just NEEDS someone to talk to and goes downstairs are creeps in on Liz…telling her he’s been crying and he doesn’t know why….waah waah…She’s sympathetic to him until Vanessa gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back and says to him “Why you having a meltdown? We’ve talked about this, you just need to go to bed and get some sleep, sleep down here if you want, noone cares….We’re going to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed and you’re going to get your butt kicked in the comp”. That’s all it took, was a little mothering from Vanessa and he went to get his blankie & Co-Co bear and bunked in the bed next to Liz.

That’s it…..exciting huh? I HATE the end of this game on the feeds, there’s just nothing to do, but lay around, eat and Maybe play a game of Jynga….sux for us feedsters *sigh

I’m tired can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us….*insert sarcasm here!!