Superfan Madness of 9/12/14

9/12/2014 was total Superfan Madness!  Boy do we fans truly put our hearts and souls into this game!  Almost everyone was in a total outraged panic because of a conversation feed watchers saw with Derrick and Frankie.  The conversation had fans assuming that production was interfering in the game in a plot to “save Frankie” by thinking that they were told if they both made it to the final two together (both being team America) the winner would get an extra $50,000.  When in reality, what they were told was that if a team America member wins the game, they get an extra $50,000.  Needless to say, without checking out the facts, fans went ballistic thinking that Derrick would for sure have to take Frankie to final two with him to get the extra $50,000.  But actually after finding out what was truly offered to team America, I realized it sealed Frankie’s fate.  Derrick would be crazy not to want Frankie out of his way of an extra $50,000!

And the madness of the night didn’t stop there!  As soon as feeds went down for the POV competition,  Frankie’s famous sister Ariana Grande (as if you all didn’t know he had a famous sister) sent out a tweet to all her fans with the hash tag #FrankieWinPOV, after she saw it was trending on twitter.  Well superfans just would not be out done and turned twitter into a trending war and fought back with the hashtag #AnyoneButFrankie !  Can you believe within minutes #AnyoneButFrankie was trending in the #1 spot?  Well it was and it was awesome!

There was one other madness moment of the day that was part of that same original conversation from above, but Frankie goes on to tell Derrick that he will give him the extra $50,000 if they are in the final two together.  (this is where most of the fans misconstrued the whole part about them having to be sitting next to each other in final two to get the extra winnings) Fans immediately started calling it as bribery and against the rules, which it is!  But many, many houseguests through the years have tried the same tactic when in reality they all know that it is against the contract they all signed and is not even a possibility because of legal issues.  So really it is a laughable last ditch effort on Frankie’s part to try and get Derrick to take him to the finale… nothing more!

All in all, I was beyond frustrated at all the misplaced outrage, cracking up at the twitter war, and excited as all get out by the end of the night when Frankie did in fact lose the POV to Cody!  So, I must say that watching feeds and being on Facebook & Twitter last night was one of the most exciting times in this entire season so far!  You guys are the best!

Oh and one more update for ya… Derrick has now convinced Cody to ensure The Hitmen are final 2, Caleb is the next to go unless he wins the POV!