The EVIL CLOWN Returns

big brother 15 evil clown

The moment Aaryn won this week’s Head of Household competition, we all knew things were gonna get crazy in the house. Since the minute the feeds came back on following the live show, it has definitely been intense! The power has shifted heavily this week, and at this point it’s anyone’s game. Wanna know how your favorite alliances are doing and who Aaryn has nominated for eviction?! Keep on reading for those spoilers!

So, let’s talk about one of the most dominant alliances in the game thus far – the Mom Squad duo. Elissa and Helen, the only two with kids in the house, have been an obvious pairing since the start, with Helen being the main, if not only reason, that Elissa is still in the game. This week, however, Helen is turning over a new leaf. She realizes after last week’s house meeting that Elissa might be turning into more of a liablity than an alliance partner, and was seen speaking with Amanda and McCrae in the storage room about the possibility of Elissa going home. When Aaryn brought it up to Helen, she wasn’t exactly dismissive of the idea either. Seeing as how Elissa can’t compete in this week’s PoV competition, Elissa could possibly go home this week if she is nominated. Yet again in the house, another huge alliance was formed! Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, GinaMarie, Helen, Jessie, Judd, and McCrae are now working together to ensure that either Howard or Spencer leaves this week. This alliance kinda seems like a temporary deal, and I don’t see any hardcore “Final 8” plans amongst these HouseGuests. Though not an alliance, I would also like to discuss the ever-so-popular Elissa and Aaryn feud. Now that Aaryn (and her EVIL CLOWN) is in power, the feud seems to have completely stopped. The two gals have been seen having small talk together (though never alone) and at one point even talked some game together along with Helen! If these two could get over their petty drama with one another, they could be a dynamic force. I doubt it’ll happen though, as both of them just can’t seem to let it go.

Now, let’s talk about nominations!! Nobody was surprised when Amanda began pushing for Howard and Spencer to be nominated, however, this week also saw Helen, Elissa, and even Andy campaigning for this as well. Aaryn, who basically promised to be Helen’s biotch for the week to ensure Kaitlin’s eviction, promised to do this. However, she did tell Spencer that she wanted him to stay, but that he might go up. Ultimately, Aaryn nominated…. Howard and Spencer! No major surprises there. Based on the conversations in the house, Howard is evidently the target this week. Should nominations stay the same, Howard could be almost unanimously evicted regardless of who the MVP nom is (with the exception of Candice voting to keep him). However, if Howard wins the Power of Veto there is the potential for Spencer to go. Another big possibility is that GinaMarie could be nominated by America, and the HouseGuests could take the opportunity to evict one of Aaryn’s only remaining allies. I don’t see this happening though, considering GM isn’t seen as a threat by anyone really. As far as the MVP nomination goes, it looks to me as though Elissa, GinaMarie, and Amanda are the top picks. However, my opinion is solely based on viewing the #BB15 hashtag, so could easily be wrong. Either way, it’s sure to be a crazy week in the house!

So, Big Brother fans, what would you like to see happen this week? Do you want Howard or Spencer to go, or would you rather see someone like Amanda or GinaMarie leave the house?! & how do you feel about the new eight person alliance? Do you think it’s the real deal, or just a temporary fix for some of the game’s biggest floaters? Lemme know what you think by either commenting below or tweeting me at @SethsBBUpdates or @BigBroGroup. We love to hear feedback from you guys, so hit us up!! 🙂

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