The New CBS ALL ACCESS Live Feeds are available NOW


Don’t worry SuperFans, we know you need your BB18 live feeds and we have a link for you to buy them from us at but first… i want to explain what CBS has done. First off, they have completely eliminated the early bird one package deal and are selling monthly subscriptions. Now before you get upset, you should know that you will actually save a couple of bucks this way plus you will also be able to watch every episode of the last 16 seasons, anytime you like. Did I lose you?

Well basically, The Big Brother Live Feeds are now available as part of the CBS All Access subscription. As an All Access subscriber, you can watch every single episode of Big Brother from the first season, and enjoy premium, behind-the-scenes Live Feeds content at at no extra cost! CBS All Access is a standalone streaming service, where for just $5.99/month, users can watch CBS programs on their mobile device, computer or streaming device – no cable subscription required. Subscribers can catch up on full seasons of their favorite shows on-demand or stream their local CBS station live. They can also enjoy exclusive next-day access to last night’s programming or binge watch on ad-free classic series from past programming. All you need is the internet to start watching!

Now you may be asking yourself if we are selling the official CBS All Access live feed and the answer is YES! We, like many other big brother blogs, are a affiliate. What that means is that you can purchase the CBS All Access monthly subscription directly from our website. You will be purchasing the same subscription at the same price that the CBS website offers. Not a Penny More and there is Absolutely Nothing Different between purchasing it from us except for the fact that CBS will pay us a small commission. That money helps us pay for running our Big Brother Website, the social fan groups and the podcasts. We are SuperFans dedicated to our SuperFans and truly appreciate your help.

When you are ready to buy the CBS ALL ACCESS subscription for $5.99 a month and watch the Big Brother houseguests 24 hours a day 7 days a week all you need to do is click the banner below: