Till next season… BB18 

BB17 Big Brother 17 Alumni

By now, the Big Brother Superfans are going through a withdrawal phase so I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane and show some interesting tidbits from the season….

2015-07-18_0100Remember the wigs?  How hillarious was that?  The Whackstreet boys? (Clever idea, I thought), The games they dreamed up to keep themselves occupied during those long, tiring, boring lockdowns in the house, James and his wild antics and pranks, and the notices from the “Live feedsters” & “PoP” tv. The competitions were amazing again this year, and though some lost interest in the show (I didn’t and NEVER WILL), this was actually one of my favorite casts.  James at the top of my list, but Meg, Johnny Mac, the twins, Austin (at times) and Vanessa were among my favs.  I have to admit the Amazing Race Twist was exciting at first but I found it to be lame at the same time.  My favorite of the games given to them by the feedsters was the game of hide and seek.  No matter what the situation, it was rare to see the serious side of James and I, for one, will miss him terribly…I am happy he made a lifelong friend in Meg.

The after parties, I hear were a ton of fun for not just the isolated houseguest’s, but past Alumni as well ~ be on the lookout people, several of them have Periscope accounts so you’ll never know when they’ll pop up in the future days, weeks and months ahead.  I can tell they already love their fans and are thirsting to talk and interact with EVERYONE!!!   Michelle Costa (Season 10 Alumni, and Host of the Rad Reality Show) and MaMoosie (superfan) did a stupendous job of keeping everyone updated on the happenings of each night’s event.  Most have gone home now and are beginning getting re-aquainted with outside life.  Ha, Meg asked what Uber is?  Austin knows, that we ALL know of his shenanigan’s with Liz and seems somewhat embarrased about it (as he should).  Jace seems like a really cool guy outside the house too.  Steve was greeted by a government official upon his arrival home and his house was decorated with halloween decorations each holding congratulatory signs.  Meg and James WILL be on an episode of the Bold and Beautiful sometime next month, for those interested.

This is my last post for Big Brother 17 and I can’t thank each of you who viewed my writing’s enough, I have no words upon seeing “the numbers” as to show my appreciation and graditude to Joe for giving me the opportunity to blog on this site.  I thoroughly enjoy writing and reporting Big Brother happenings each year.  This season is over, but never fear Big Brother 18 is just around the corner and I look forward to seeing many of you next summer at the Big Brother Premier Party in NYC!!  Until then, have a great winter and holiday season, try to stay warm wherever you are and keep being the Big Brother Superfan’s that you are….