Thursday night after the live show, the feeds went down for 28 hours due to the Battle Back2016-07-23_0548 Competition…and subsequently was informed it would be worth the wait.  Though I was impressed with the Battle Back competitions and thought they were all fair, Victor won the victory and Tiffany told him to Trust Frank, Not Day….the one thing CBS failed to mention to us was the fact that the Houseguest’s would be playing an endurance competition to determine the HOH for the week.  Tricky and dirty trick if you ask me, CBS KNOWS how much we (the fans) like watching the endurance comps and we were robbed of that experience!!  The good news is James is HOH and has nominated Frank and Bridgette for eviction.  POV will be played later today.

So, apparently they did the HOH competition overnight and it lasted over 5 hours.  I’ve heard James made some pretty funny joke while struggling to “hang” on, but of course we’ll only see the highlights.  Paulie, Paul & Victor & Michelle were in the Safari room discussion who they wanted out first.  Michelle would rather Bridgette go home first (because she doesn’t like her).  But for all practical purposes I think it would make most sense to get Frank out Pre-Jury and be done with it.

Meanwhile, spooning in the Japanese Room Nicole and Corey are, as usual goofing around under the sheets.  Somewhere (I missed it), Victor came along and began talking about a girl he thought Corey had at home in front of Nicole.  He kept dropping hints like “I believe it began with an S, like Shawn or something like that”  Corey knew exactly what he was doing because he had told him about a girl he met before entering the house….so Corey’s response was “Shane?”  Yep that was it,  Corey was shocked Victor did that to him, but at the same time Nicole already knew about a girl at home so she’s gracefully trying to play it off.  At the same time it seems Paulie &  Zakayia are having a little spat of their own.  They haven’t spoke all night long, Paulie told Paul at the table that he doesn’t play games and this that and the other.  They are finally getting ready for bed and are trying to make up, but Paulie is pretty clear (he’s playing her).

2016-07-23_0552 2016-07-23_0527

Paulie clearly told Paul at the table in the kitchen he’s not at all about women trying to make him jealous, EVER….yet, look who’s he’s consoling.  Zakayeia’s body lauguage is telling a whole different atory.  Michelle tries to get them all to make up and forget about the events of the evening and get to bed.  Corey and Nicole are back to bed right where they left off after she had forgiven him.  I suppose Zakayia will be making up briefly with Paulie in the short term.  However, what these girls don’t know is these guys are ready, willing, and able to cut those girls anytime they need to.  The question now is how smart are the girls to figure out their own fate in the long term.  Time will tell….


I guess we’ll know more tomorrow after the POV competition and see who the winner is.   With these people already skeptical of their relationships, they hare having a hard time getting to sleep.  Plus the stress relieving conversations between Pauilie, Paul, Victor, Michelle and Corey and the “girlfriends”….they I think are still planning on getting Frank out first, but if he wins pov….Bridgette will go…


Other than the above mentioned, not much has been going on in the house tonight except the stressless laughter and fellowship with each other.


Will probably have an update for you tomorrow, but for now………..