We Have A Real Playa Up In Here!

big brother 15 showmance

A Season of Showmances?

Wow, just wow is all I can say! We have a real playa in the BB15 house who is on showmance number two in six days! This has got to be some kind of a record! I actually heard him say today that he is done with Jessie and wants her gone because she broke up with him on day five. I literally had to do a double take after seeing him spooning and cuddling with Jessie and within hours seeing him spooning and cuddling with Kaitlyn. I am guessing that Kaitlyn thinks she had to one-up Jessie because last night she and Jeremy did more than cuddle, there was some dirty going on under the sheets right around 3:30am BBT! Holy Cow, day 2 of feeds, that has got to be another record! Kaitlyn girl, don’t tell us you were’t gonna do this, it is week one and you done did! I would hate to be her family at home right about now! #awkward

Plus, this isn’t our only showmance in week one either, we also have David and Aaryn who have done a lot of cuddling in bed together as well. Man these HG’s move FAST!!! But at least there is one with some brakes on in the house and that would be McCrea. Amanda has been all but throwing herself at him and he is having none of it! She even tried sleeping with him in the HOH room and chatting him up half the night trying to flirt her way in. Stay strong McCrea! You may only be a pizza guy, but right now it seems you are the only one thinking with your brain and not your “little” head! Come on guys… No pootie is worth a half a mill!!!

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