Who is this weeks PAWN?

IMG_0470HOORAY…..James won POV!!! Good for James, not so good for Meg….or, is it? Meg went to speak with the Vanessa to hopefully secure her safety, but came downstairs clearly upset and told James, “You better just kiss her ass and be nice”. James immediately went up to talk to Vanessa as well to “hash” things out as he put it. Vanessa told him 4 people came to her telling her how mad he was and making threats. They engaged in deep conversation, and James (using all the wrong words) said to her “I think you’re playing too hard”, which immediately set her OFF!!! Of course, with tears in tow, she told him “so, now you’re insulting my game play?” and told him “it would probably be best if you left now, because you just pissed me off and I’m really hurt by that” and “who are you to judge my game play?” James is a sucker for tears (unfortunately) and played right into her hand. In the end, he realized he has to face the reality of Meg going home and (playing nice) in the coming weeks.

Now here’s the thing….After Austin and Vanessa have a very long chat, they agree to a final two deal. Austin went downstairs and told Liz that her and her sister need to realize they can’t avoid people in this game, they have to make people think they are on their side ALWAYS! Liz told him the best plan would be to put Julia on the block (as a pawn) because, well….you know, They have the Votes and all….But, do they really?? Little Jamsie is quite creative and we all know how quickly the game choices can change in this game. Remember, my last post insinuating an Alliance between Vanessa, Johnny Mac & Steve? I’m only speculating on this because Austin & Vanessa seemed pretty serious about getting down to brass tax, but since there are only 8 people left in the game, wouldn’t it be a strategic game move to flip the votes and take Julia (one of a 3 person alliance) out? NOW?? Steve & Vanessa might be hard to convince, but if someone doesn’t break those 3 up soon, they’re all going to be in trouble anyway.

Julia is Not aware of this plan yet, so if Vanessa isn’t able to convince her of their 5 person alliance strategic game move, it’s quite possible things could change and Steve could end up being the pawn again. *sigh – quoting from the Star Wars trilogy….’Help me Obi Wan Kanobe, you’re my only hope’. I’m in serious NEED of some Jedi mind tricks to put Julia up so James & Meg can have at least a chance to flip the house. After all, they ALL want to win this game…and so what if Vanessa, Austin & Liz get mad about it, the number’s are dwindling and None of them are stupid people (They All can count).

As I bring this blog to a close, Steve & Vanessa are now talking about finals….Oy Vey, This Game!! Hoping for the best, but as always expecting the worse…