Who really has the #BBMVP Power?

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Seth here to update you on the latest Big Brother 15 happenings! Forget the intro, let’s just jump into the portion y’all really wanna know about.. the action. As you all know, Aaryn, Jeremy, and Spencer were nominated for eviction tonight, and Jeremy was sent packing. Though America hates her, Aaryn is obviously doing something right, as she didn’t receive any votes this week. Spencer only got one, with that vote coming from Kaitlin. Not even GinaMarie voted to keep Jeremy….. WOW. Judd then became the new Head of Household! How exciting for J-U-Double D!!!!! But, that’s not all that happened tonight. The Chenbot herself informed the viewers that Elissa’s reign as the weekly MVP is now over….. because WE are taking over. Do you feel the power?! Is it sinking into your brain like it did to Helen last week?! It should be. Though the HouseGuests were given a small hint about this (the usual “expect the unexpected” line from Chenbot) they are mostly unaware of what the twist is and it’s proving to be hilarious. Judd is already panicking, and has jokingly stated he will be the first HoH to be evicted. Amanda is the closest to figuring out (she thinks Elissa isn’t eligible to win anymore) but even that’s nowhere close to the actual twist. More important than what the HouseGuests are thinking, let’s talk about what the viewers think! Anyone who has taken a glance at the official fan sites know that Aaryn and GinaMarie are the two least popular players among fans at this point. This is, obviously, due to their controversial comments while in the house. Now that both of them lost the Head of Household competition, it is pretty apparent that one of them will be nominated by us. If Aaryn is nominated by Judd, I suspect GinaMarie will be nominated by the MVP. If neither of the girls are nominated by Judd, I think it’s safe to assume Aaryn will be sitting in the hot seat yet again. Spencer and Kaitlin are pretty low on the viewer’s totem pole as well, but I don’t see them in much danger this week. No word from CBS what will happen if the viewer’s selection wins Veto, but I assume we’ll find out soon.

What do y’all think about this new twist in the game?! Do you like this idea, or does it kinda turn off your BB vibes? And do you really believe America has the power to choose the third nominee or is it just a ploy so that BB has the power? Lemme know what you think in the comments or by tweeting me at @SethsBBUpdates or @BigBroGroup. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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