Who’s going to Jury? It’s another Double Eviction!


Houston…….We just might have a FLIP!!! 1:30 am (bb time) cam 3, co-incidentally Johnny Mac & Steve meet in the bathroom. Johnny had just gotten up to use the bathroom, and Steve just came out of Diary Room…I didn’t quite hear what Johnny said to Steve, but his response was “Are you suggesting we form a 4 person alliance between me, you, Meg & James?”, and Johnny said simply “YES” and told him to think about it, and he went back to bed leaving Steve to “scamper” and talk to himself (as usual). Poor guy just keeps pacing and saying “I don’t know what to do”, “I don’t know what to do”….then decides to do the “math” using M & M’s, Along with banging his head on a few walls here and there. Steve also told Johnny that he still wants to keep Vanessa too, and Johnny agrees. Please BB Gods, I’m begging you…..help Steve see the light!!

Now, my theory on how the co-incidental meeting between the two is, prior to Johnny waking up to go to the bathroom, Steve was in the Diary Room for quite some time. My guess is the power’s that be were perhaps planting a different scenario in Steve’s mind and when they saw Johnny get up, they told him…”he’s up, you should go talk to him”. It’s feasible, right?

Meanwhile for the past two days James has stood completely by Meg’s side, sleeping…flirting…general talk…laughing & joking together…and tonight he Packed too. Meg told him, “You DO realize, I’m the one going home, don’t you?” He said, “yeah, but you know…I’m just getting ready cause I’m next, and if something “fishy” happens, at least everyone will know where my shit is”. That Guy is Just Too Much, lol  Meg has totally accepted her fate and told Jame’s she’s really okay with going out and finally getting to relax with a bottle of vodka and girl talk, lol

It is exactly one hour later since Johnny & Steve met in the bathroom and Johnny got up again to use the potty but Steve was in the comic room still playing with M & M’s and they missed each other, dang it!! Julia is restless (nervous) and Liz told Austin earlier before their nightly Sex session, she’d never talk to him again if something happens to Julia. If that’s true, we might have ALL just might have been spared any more shenanigan’s from these two and not have to see their sexcapades anymore! James is Awake and I keep watching to see if by chance he will get up and run into Steve or Vise Versa. I’m sure Somebody’s bladder has to be filling up soon….I did just hear Steve say to himself….”Something keeps telling me to get Julia out”.

**Update before I go, Steve just got up almost literally running to the bathroom, gagging…he made it to the toilet, but for some odd reason he decided to THROW UP in the bathroom sink!! GROSS….he’s making himself sick in this game, he then went back to bed, got up, went to storage and read literally every bottle of medication in the cabinet (had the right one – good ole Pepto, and put it back), then proceeded to bang his head on one of the metal cabinets. Currently, he’s upstairs at the chess board eating lick’m stick – This guy totally confuses me sometimes. ** I’ve been trying my hardest to telepathically send messages to both Johnny & James, but so far neither are budging, so I’ma gonna cut if off here and Pray for a Nice, Big, Juicy Game Changer tomorrow!


Happy Double Eviction Day houseguest’s 🙂