Who’s It Going To Be???

So Long, Frank………….2016-07-25_0515 - Copy…………..HELLO, Paul the new HOH2016-07-28_2239

Thankfully or Tragically depending on how much you liked Frank, He DID NOT have the round trip ticket to go back into the house.  It was so quiet in there while Julie was opening up the envelope you could hear a pin drop.  They went to commercial and when they returned the houseguest’s were in the back yard ready to play for the HOH.  For the second week in a row, CBS decided the feeder’s were not worthy of watching them compete, but as usual as soon as the feeds returned we all found out who HOH is and also who the Have nots are for the week….They are Corey, Natalie, Zakiyia, & Paulie.  This should be interesting…..(James plans on sleeping in the have not room too even though he doesn’t have to, I wonder why???  lol).  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why CBS is denying their paying customer’s the right to watch the outcome of the comps knowing all the info gets out anyway.  Another thing that bothers me is ((generally on Sundays))…it’s like they have someone’s teens in the control room, because they cut the feeds off and on for nothing at all.  Am I the only one that’s noticed this?  Example:  Corey’s story about the girl named Shane has been talked about over a week ago, yet I believe it was Victor (don’t quote me on that, not sure) started telling someone about it and they kept blocking the feeds….ok, rant over







After all the dust settled from the excitement of the HOH reveal, then the game talk begins…..To my surprise, Paul wants Bridgette out!!  He’s made it clear to everyone she is his target, but….he wants a volunteer to go on the block with her who can help him win the POV to take that volunteer up and replace that person with DaVonne…..Paul approached Victor and of course he shot that down like a hot potato saying “I’ve already been evicted”.   They tossed Natalie’s name around to James and she’s scared to do it, so Nicole decided it would be in everybody’s best interest if she volunteered.  After talking to Corey about it, he then volunteered because he’s stronger than her and wants to play in the POV.  After talking to Paul, he assured Natalie he wouldn’t put her up because she’s a have not and that’s stressful enough.  Nicole was there for that conversation because she was giving her pitch to him about accepting the responsibility to go up.  Everything seemed like a go until Corey came up and began pleading his case to please Paul’s decision.  At that point, Paulie had enough and just said “Fuck It, I’ll go up”….which caught Paul’s attention quick!  He said “really bro?  You’ll do this?”  The fist bumped and Paul said “There, it’s settled PP’s got a plan”.


So, the plan at this point is to put Bridgette & Paulie on the Block (telling DaVonne the reason for Paulie is he volunteered).  Then, depending on who wins POV, Paulie will come off the Block and DaVonne will be the replacement nomination.  The only thing about that scenario is Paul made it perfectly clear he wants BRIDGETTE out and if the house votes for DaVonne to go home, he’ll be mad (Pissed), but he’ll understand.  Trying to get as little blood as possible.  For me personally, I think (as a watcher) there are bigger targets than Bridgette, but that’s just me.  Oh well, we’ll see later on today whether or not the nominations change in the morning.

Until then…..TA TA FOR NOW………..MOMMAT