Who’s the Puppet Master?

big brother 15 amanda

There is definitely a distinct person controlling lots of the moves in the house this season. Can you guess who it is? I think it is pretty obvious that it is most definitely Amanda! Amanda is the one to watch. She is always in everyone’s ear and playing a very smart game. So far, she is doing it in a way that is not overly forceful or demanding, but she better watch it, because she is a bit on the pushy side and it could easily work against her. But for now, I think she has the best game because even when she has gotten into fights with the girls, she has a way of smoothing it over and always seems to end up on top without anyone having any lasting ill feelings toward her. Which is not an easy feat with this crew of terribly catty girls in the house either!

I would not quite name her as a puppet master yet, but she is getting pretty close. She has herself well protected on all sides too and has completely gotten herself off the radar that she was on big time just a week ago with Howard and Spencer before the split of the moving company, which she figured out as well. But since she knows that she was their next target last week, she is all gung ho to get Howard out and she is working very hard to get Judd on board with the idea of making a huge move and back-dooring Howard.  Although, Judd wasn’t for it yet, I am sure Amanda will stay in his ear as much as she can in the next few days.

Amanda is also very smart. She knows something is up with the MVP this week and thinks that it is a possibility that Elissa can’t get it again after three times in a row. Which we all know isn’t the truth, but she isn’t too far off!

She is one of those types of HG’s that you either love her or hate her, but she is definitely the one to watch out for and the one to beat this year because this girl is just good and she gives great DR’s too, LOL!   If nothing more,  she thinks she is pulling all the strings and I don’t think she’s that far off in thinking it and  I cannot wait to see her work some magic if and when she and/or McCrea are ever on the block. I really think this girl has some good game in her and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

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