Will BB16 be the Twistiest of all Big Brother Seasons?!?!

bb16 twist

Will Big Brother 16 have the most Twists ever? Well that’s what they claim and I really hope they keep their promise. Why you may ask? Well, mainly because the season is boring without them. For many years now I have been very disappointed with big brother production because I no longer find their slogan of “expect the unexpected” to be true. I actually find the season to be very predictable… especially the evictions. As soon as we know who is the HOH and their nominations we already know who the house wants out. And if that person doesn’t win the POV, well, there is a good chance they are evicted. Where is the unexpected? I believe the Big Brother game can be spiced up with a weekly twist. How you ask? Here are a few twist ideas that could get the house guests blood boiling and keep all us big brother super fans and live feed watchers on the edge of our seats:

1) The HoH Twist: Immediately after the HoH nomination ceremony, the two nominees battle the HoH in a competition and the winner is the Golden HoH. The Golden HoH is given the opportunity to change one of the nominees. The new Golden HoH spends the rest of the week as the HoH.
2) The POV Twist: The POV winner is not only given the choice to remove a nominee but can also choose who the new nominee is and can put the HoH on the block. The POV holder then becomes the HoH
3) The Have-Not Twist: The have-not’s compete in a competition and the winner is CO-HoH and will choose one of the two nominees.
4) The Backdoor Twist: Let’s give the LIVE FEED watchers a vote. Let’s take the two nominees off the block and backdoor one of the safe house guests.
5) The ‘Switch it up’ Twist: Give a secret power to both nominees (after the PoV ceremony) and have them pick two new nominees.
6) The ‘Live Eviction Day Swap’ Twist: It’s live eviction day and we already know who is going to be evicted but wait!!! Do we really know? Change it up by allowing the live audience to vote which of the two nominees is evicted.
7) The ‘Midnight run’ Twist: No HoH, No nominations, No PoV, Nothing happens all week. Keep the house guests guessing all week. Then on midnight on live eviction day wake them up and run the HoH competition, nominations, PoV competition, PoV ceremony and the live eviction.

What do you think? Do you like my Twists? Are they Twisty enough? Do you have a twist of your own? Give me your BEST twist idea in the comments below and at the end of the week I will pick the best one and send that person a Big Brother Group wrist band! Good Luck!

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