Who Will Win Big Brother 15?

bb15 final 3

Well…………here we are, Final 3 ~ Who will win the Jackpot??  Spencer, Gina Marie or Andy – – –

Let’s look at who’s in the Jury House:

Candace ~ not a logical vote for Gina Marie

Helen ~ aka Mom Squad – leaning towards Andy from her

Jessie ~ Most likely to vote for Gina Marie

Aaryn ~ Definate vote for Gina Marie

Amanda ~ Possible vote for Andy (but only because they were aligned), could possibly switch to Gina Marie

Elissa ~ aka Mom Squad – leaning towards Andy from her too (tho, her & Gina Marie were getting close…so who knows for sure?)

Judd ~ Second chance player – leaning towards Andy, but again….never know

McCrae ~ leaning towards Gina Marie since Andy sent him packing

Assuming Gina Marie wins part 3 of HOH competition, I believe it’s quite possible she could take Spencer to the end with her, adding Andy to the Juror’s….If that’s the case, I believe Helen, Jessie, Aaryn, Elissa, Amanda, Judd, & McCrae will vote for her…Andy & Candace would obviously vote for Spencer.  Declaring Gina Marie the Winner.

If, however Andy wins part 3 of HOH Competition and stays true to his word of taking Gina Marie to the end, that would be adding Spencer to the Juror’s….In that case I can see Candace, Spencer, Helen, Jessie, & Elissa voting for Andy, and Amanda, Judd, Aaryn & McCrae voting for Gina Marie, thereby declaring Andy the winner.

Now, if Gina Marie was to choose Andy and send Spencer to the Jury house, I can see Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Judd & McCrae voting for Gina Marie and Helen, Spencer & Elissa voting for Andy.  Declaring Gina Marie still the winner.

Finally, should Andy back out of his agreement with Gina Marie and keep Spencer….I believe Candace, Helen, Jessie, Elissa, Amanda, Judd, McCrae & Aaryn all voting for Andy with only Gina Marie (who will be bitter for being blind-sided) voting for Spencer.  Declaring Andy the winner.

These three remaining houseguest’s are not and would not be my personal choice to make it to the end, But alas, they did….If I had it my way I suppose I would want Gina Marie to win and either Andy or Spencer to take the 50 grand.  I say this only because Gina Marie DOES need the cash most and by all rights she has played a much better game then the fella’s….she didn’t lie, didn’t make deals and didn’t align with anyone (except Aaryn – and look where she is – lol), as well as busted up her body along the way starting with the very first competition….all while Andy & Spencer BOTH floated through the entire game!!  Yes, Andy did win a few HOH comps and a POV, but he was a rat through the entire game playing both sides of the house…and in my opinion what he did to Elissa was just down right dirty!!  So, the above mentioned scenario’s are only of my own opinion…they just seem to make sense to me ~

All in all this season, as most would agree, has by far been the worst of the worst—the racial and homophobic behavior as well as the sickening showmances were just too much to bear and I would personally LOVE to see BB actually impose a “Penalty Nom” instead of constantly cutting to fish and giving warnings.  After all….it IS part of the game, right?  I would also like to see Casting actually cast Real People (not all of the glamorous types) who would Really LOVE to play the game.  A more diverse group, some older, some heavier, etc.  However, if the rumor’s are true that won’t happen next year if previous returning player’s vie for the winnings.

With all of the above having been said, I can only say this is how I speculate the outcome of this Season’s Game….what do ya’ll think???

Today is officially End of Game Eve, so that mean’s I won’t be posting anymore…I want to say what a pleasurable experience this has been for me and personally thank JOE for inviting me to be a contributor to this group.  Also, to all the other contributor’s….I commend you as well, I’ve enjoyed reading Everyone’s opinions as well as the tweeter’s who kept Everyone up to date on almost a minute to minute basis.  Big Brother has the best Fans in the world!!  ….And speaking of Fans, lest not forget SuperFan Missy for her hard work and dedication to this group as well…Her Babbles, Her Blog Talk interaction with the fans each week meant the world to me as well as countless fans of this crazy game we crave all year until July each summer.

So, until next summer I bid you one last………TA TA FOR NOW


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