And The Winner Is… Andy


Love him or hate him…
love his game or hate his game…
ANDY WINS Big Brother 15!

I must say that until this very week, I truly could not stand Andy as a person or had any respect for the game he played, but in the end, I was truly won over!   He did win comps when it counted the most and he definitely had the best points with all the jury questions.   I am very guilty of not giving him enough credit for all the sneaky moves he made along the way.  I think most of us were so blinded by the simple fact that we all wanted everyone in the house to grow some balls and go against Amanda and McCrea and instead Andy was protecting them.  We all thought they were all scared of Amanda or too chicken to put her up, when in fact, it was the best move for Andy to play along with them until the time was right for him to change alliances.  Unless I am mistaken, Andy is the first and only house guest to never get caught playing both sides.  As much as I hate to do it, I must give Andy kudo’s because until now, I have never had any respect for the type of game he played.  He spent most of the season playing all sides and ratting everyone out and like I said, never got caught!  He covered all bases really well and it won him the game!   And let’s face it, Gina Marie completely bungled her answers to the jury.  I believe she could of won a little more respect and maybe even a few more votes if she could of just told them a single other thing she did besides putting up McCranda.  She seemed a little tongue tied and couldn’t come up with a single thing while Andy showed us all the many moves he made throughout the entire game that got him to the end and went on to explain why he did everything that he did.  So, in the end Gina Marie only has herself to blame and Andy did truly deserve it!  ***And please keep in mind… you don’t have to like a person for the things they say to at least appreciate the game they played.  This is the game of Big Brother after all!

To all you superfans… I just want to say how much I appreciate every single one of you!  I have enjoyed all your comments and love interacting with you all even when we don’t agree!  I thank you all for taking the time to read my crazy thoughts yet still come back for more!  Also a special shout out to Joe Bbg for all the work behind the scenes that he does for this site and all the fans.  WE LOVE YOU JOE and thanks for all you have done all season long to keep this site going, you are AWESOME and none of us would be here if it wasn’t for you!

And finally, it may not have been the best season ever, but it sure was memorable!  We will NEVER forget this year and all the craziness that went on in that house.  So many records were broken this season, let alone all the controversy!  This season was constantly in the headlines more than ever before and ratings were higher than ever.  Julie also announced a huge increase in voting as well.  So, the worst season ever seems to have actually turned out to be the best for many other aspects of the show and has gained many new viewers.  And thanks to that we are guaranteed a season 16!  Can I get a woot woot?  Let’s just all hope for a better casting  job and see ya all next year!





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