The Word of ‘Ford – SWEET SIXTEEN!

word of ford 2

Hello ‘Ford Fans, & welcome to Big Brother 16’s first installment of The Word of ‘Ford!

I’m very excited to be back on, talking about something I love, so let’s get right down to it, shall we?


Amber: For those of you who saw BBCAN1, I’ve two words for you – Topaz Brady.
Brittany: Million dollar body, nickel brain.
Caleb: Good ol’ boy with bad intentions.
Christine: She’s the student who sits in the front row, & talks to the prof during a lecture.
Cody: The walls have more personality than this kid.
Derrick: If he was in 21 Jump Street, I would not have watched it.
Devin: Big body; bigger mouth.
Donny: Greatest human being on the face of the earth.
Frankie: Puts his trust in people who will hurt him. That said, he’s fun.
Hayden: Sup, brah? This dude is totes gonna be a factor.
Jocasta: I chose her based on her bowtie, but I doubt she’ll make top 10.
Joey: Reminds me of a Troll Doll; I don’t see her making it very far.
Nicole: I’m pretty sure she has a superfan bucket list. She’s playing someone else’s game.
Paola: This is why DJ’s don’t talk.
Victoria: I’ve yet to hear her talk about anything other than her hair.
Zach: The bastard son of Dr. Will & Boogie. This turd might actually win.


First of all, let’s talk about the name. When I first heard it, all I could hear was the theme song for Team America: World Police (which is too inappropriate for me to post on here). Not the best name, but it’ll look great on their resumes.
Second of all, considering how big of a star Adriana Grande is, I’m shocked Frankie wasn’t the first member of this secret alliance. Joey seems nice, but she also seems like a terrible player. I have a feeling she can’t win competitions, & as a result, she’ll be out before the second & third members are announced.


As intriguing as this twist is, I think it strongly benefits the men. No HoH will be willing to nominate a strong man, because he can save himself from the block, & that HoH will become vulnerable while that powerhouse has a safe week. The women (and Donny) will be the main targets for the next few weeks, & the big strong muscly men can sit back, and wait for the final 7 before actually trying.


WHY IS EVERYONE TRYING TO MAKE ALLIANCES ON THE SECOND EPISODE?! They don’t even know each other, they don’t know who’s trustworthy, they don’t have an emotional connection of any sort, so why the hell would they ever confide in one another?! Of the first pacts we’ve seen, the only one I’m taking seriously is Christine & Nicole, but they’re not going to win a single challenge, so what’s the point of calling it an alliance?


So, there you have it. My first observations on the season. I’ll be back at the end of the week with this season’s first edition of Bradford’s Big Brother Breakdown.

And until next time,

I’m The ‘Ford, and that’s the word.

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